Feeling Lost? Find Your Inner GPS

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There will be times in life when you feel “lost” or “disconnected”… in those times, I encourage you to find your inner GPS.

YOU have an address.

Some of us feel at “home” when thinking of a loved one, for others feeling at “home” is connecting with a higher being, whatever that feeling is… connect to it frequently.

When times get tough, use your GPS to get back to YOU.

Who are you?

A Mother?

A Lover?

An Intellectual being?

Whatever definition you choose, be OK with that, and simply BE.

YOU control your sense of desire.

How do you vibrate?

How do you communicate?

How are you meant to show up in the world?

Realize those senses you are being led by… and MOVE.

Tapping into your intuition takes guts, what does that look like to you?

Joy has an address, remember that and change the vibration and value.

When you are HOME, you will not be offended by others.

When you are HOME, you will not be ruled by outside circumstances.




We are all born with innate and radiant wellbeing inside of us.

It’s simply the moments that we get off track, that cause and allow that wellbeing to become suppressed.

Be surrounded, yet unbounded.

Life gives you exactly what you need, YOU are unlimited.

Realize that NOTHING binds you but yourself.

Commit to being happy, commit to new thoughts.

When you are faced with adversity, find your way HOME.

Each day, remind yourself that you are surrounded by divine ideas, GIVE without any sense of withholding.

Be happy to be happy!

Don’t put your happiness on a layaway plan…. FIND YOUR WAY HOME.

Your body does not think of ways to get the oxygen out of the air. Free your mind from the debris, stop regurgitating nonsense.

You are in the land of opportunity.

There are times in which you will not fit in, you will never be “normal” but who needs to be normal when you can be HOME?

Make a conscious effort to free yourself. You have everything you need, GIVE IT… LIVE IT.

Your vibrational address is LOVE, ABUNDANCE, PEACE, WELL BEING, PEACE and HOPE.

Look for the good in others… ALWAYS.

If not, look to help them find their good. This brings respect to everyone you meet.

Is there anything you can possibly do to contribute GOOD? To help THEM find their way home?

By seeking the good in others, you will become an invitation of goodness.

The evil you seek in someone else means that you are also filling yourself with evil as well. If someone else is wrong, don’t wrong yourself by focusing on the negative.

Look for the good in yourself and EMBRACE IT. Don’t you dare be modest either, appreciate yourself, it’s your persona.

Life does it’s good through you, recall all of the good you have done and remember YOUR NAME… Find your way HOME.

Look for joy in life and if you do not find it, PROVIDE IT.

Stop the negativity when there is so much to enjoy in life. Stop complaining.

Stop focusing on the one wrong thing and celebrate the impact it had on you. Celebrate the impact that you, in turn, can have on the rest of the world. Celebrate the impact you can have on some one else.

Greater impact…Greater Joy.

Remember, your impact needs to outlast YOU.

How many people will you impact in a positive way?

Are you here to BE MORE? Remember that with every breath you take, you exude the grand idea of HOME flowing through you.

See the good in all things and give instruction to your sense when things feel off… find your way HOME.

Joy has an address, remember that and change the vibration and value, you will never be offended.

Finding peace is an expression of your inner GPS…. letting you know, you are not lost.. you are right where you were meant to be.


Know someone who needs to see this post? Click below to share it with them.

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